Nice Dépannage keeps the comfort for your house in French Riviera!

Services for Air conditioning installations in Nice French Riviera

We are a company that are expert on installations for air conditioning.We keep mentenance and install all kinds of air conditioning in houses on Nice and all the French Riviera.

Installations Air Conditioning

Fixing air conditioning

Maintenance air conditioner

Treatment for air conditioning

Charging air conditioning

Disinfection for air conditioning

Other services

Electricity in French Riviera

Our services:

Switches, Electrical outlets, Light fixtures, Circuit breakers, Switch panels, Electric heaters, Water heaters, Heated floors, Ceilings heaters, Panels, TV and satellite antennas, Air-conditioning, Ventilation, Electrical columns, Electrical columns of buildings, Electrical cabinets

Painting and Decoration

We are a team full of experienced members on painting walls or doing decorations.

Our services:

Classical Renovation Painting, Decorative Coatings, Stucco, Tapestry Installation, Carpet Installation, Body Guards, Handrails, Handrails, Gates, Fences

General masonry

Team of masons carries out real estate renovation work, demolition and the interior as well as exterior. Space optimization tips are brought to you.

Nos services:

Walls, Tile laying, Floors, Stairs, Elevator shafts, Carpentry, Swimming pools, Outdoor shelters, Cloisterings and lining, False ceilings, Thermal and acoustic insulation, Facade remodeling, Interior and exterior floor tiles, Miscellaneous landscaping


Plumbing Company Nice Dépannage supports the installation, repair and troubleshooting of all your plumbing installations in the Alpes-Maritimes (06).

Nos services:

Installation, Troubleshooting, Renovation of kitchens, Renovation of bathrooms, Upgrading of the gas network, New installations or repairs, mixing valve, thermodynamic and electric water heater, cold water and hot water supply, hot water production, treatment of water water, filter, softener, hot water radiator, antilime, purifier, sterilizer, uncorking, etc.

Gallery with our work

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